'Guest from hell'? S'pore blogger Juli posts scathing remarks about friend's wedding in shocking post

29 September 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

Local beauty blogger Juli Phang of Bunbunmakeuptips attended her friend's wedding as a guest recently, where she gave scathing live updates of the couple's big day.

She had given a blow-by-blow account of her observations about the entire day, from the bride's wedding dress and bridal car to the food and people there, in a Dayre post dated Sep 26. 

Even though her post has since been taken down because she "did not want people taking her words out of context", screenshots of it have been circulating on foreign news websites such as The Daily Mail and The Mirror.

Juli wrote, "I don't know the bride at all nor am I close to the groom, but i'm worried sick at how the day's events are unravelling by the bit," adding that the couple do not read Dayre and that she would not reveal their identities.

Aside from suggesting that the bridal car's decorations (which she described as a "chunk of dried grass") was over-priced considering its tackiness, Juli also said that the bride was struggling and "drowning" in her wedding gown.

Daily Mail reported that the blogger, who got married in 2014 last year, implied that she looked better than the bride as well.

"Oh by the way, we are in the bridal car. Ya the one with the green grass at the front of the car. You know when people see a bridal car, they will naturally want to look at the bride. I told Mr Mode [Juli's husband] people kept looking at me," wrote Juli.

She also made several references to her own wedding, comparing it to that of the couple's.

Adding that she was not "suggesting superiority over another couple's decision", Juli said that she just felt "sad that they kinda got ripped off".

"I don't think the couple didn't make the effort, rather, they didn't get a good deal and the quality is bad," she was quoted as saying.

Juli first became prominent in the Singapore blogosphere in 2013, when she shared a blog post documenting her severe allergic reaction to a salon facial. The shocking photos of her breakout went viral and even made headlines in local newspapers.

Juli's personal Facebook profile and public page both appear to have been taken down. Her Instagram page has also been set to private.

Photos 1 to 19 show Juli Phang's Dayre post about the wedding, while the rest show other pictures of the blogger. 

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