Girl trolls ex-BF with lyrics from Adele's 'Hello' -- then this happens

31 October 2015 / 11 months 4 weeks ago

31 October 2015

Adele's Hello may have clocked over 146 million views on YouTube and counting, but there are still too many people clueless about the soulful piece mourning a love lost.

Meet 19-year-old Mary Caldarella. She decided to use the lyrics of Adele's Hello on her ex-boyfriend, who happened to be one of the clueless many.

The results are hilarious.

Posting screenshots of her conversation with ex-boyfriend 'Matt' on her Twitter, Mary started the conversation with "Hello from the other side", and then "I must've called a thousand times."

As the Auburn University undergraduate continues with the next few lines from the song, such as "To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done", Matt's heart starts to soften towards his former sweetheart, as his bewilderment transforms into wistfulness.

The conversation ends abruptly on the screenshots with an embarrassing revelation by Matt.

The Public Relations student sure knows how to #burn a relationship to tatters. Ouch.

See what happened in the gallery below. 

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