Former olympic wrestling champion fights off seven police officers brawl

3 May 2016 / 5 months 3 weeks ago

A former Olympic wrestling champion ended up fighting with seven police officers who tried to arrest him for drink driving.

Vyacheslav Oliynyk won gold for Ukraine in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

He managed to shrug off being pepper sprayed and battered by police batons as officers tried to restrain him in Kiev.

Vyacheslav had been out celebrating his 50th birthday.

He certainly showed that he hadn’t lost any of his skills in the past two decades.

A short clip of the intense brawl has emerged online showing the ex-wrestler arguing with police after he was pulled over.

He then appears to shove one of the officers, who retaliates by firing pepper spray straight into his face.

However this seems to anger him further, rather than slow him down.

So officers decided to use their batons on him, reports UniLad.

Vyacheslav can be seen bleeding heavily from his multiple wounds.

But this does not stop him as he launches into the officers once again.

It finally takes seven police officers to grapple Vyacheslav and pull him to the ground.

But even then, he uses his wrestling skills to great effect by preventing them from leg locking him and putting handcuffs on.

A female officer then comes over to calm him down and explain why they’ve arrested him, but he tells her “Go f**k yourself.”

Finally he appears to calm down when one of his friends comes over to tell him to go away quietly for the sake of his young son who is crying in the back of the car.

In the aftermath, he told local media: "I admit I was partially guilty, I can’t tell you the whole thing.

"I’m partly guilty because I did not stop and I was ignoring the police.

"But I am not a criminal. As far as I can see there will be a court hearing and they will punish me somehow because they always do.

"However the fact that police let me go home on the same day shows I didn’t do anything that bad."

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