Former HK sex symbol Amy Yip may consider comeback

17 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Dec 16, 2015

She was one of the leading sex symbols of Hong Kong cinema in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but now more than two decades since her last film, actress Amy Yip may be considering making a comeback.

Yip has been out of the spotlight since her last film, 1994's "Underground Judgement", when she decided to leave the entertainment industry to support her doctor boyfriend.

Although she is now 49, her H-cup figure remains among the best in entertainment circles, Apple Daily reported.

Yip and her boyfriend have now been together for the 23 years, but have never tied the knot. Their luxurious home at Hong Kong's Nicholson Tower was bought when Yip's career was still at its peak, and the couple do not share any properties.

Recently rumours have also emerged that the relationship between Yip and her boyfriend has gone stale.

According to a report in Hong Kong's Next Magazine, she recently had thoughts about coming out of retirement, and has been maintaining her shapely figure and weight with daily runs and work outs.

There have also been fewer sightings of Yip and her boyfriend together in public. According to the report, the couple have only been seen together once in three weeks when they went out for a meal.

In an interview with the magazine, Yip revealed that she previously did have thoughts of jumping into marriage, but never actually went ahead with it. "Now, it's been so long, it's really not necessary," she added.

When asked about her relationship with her boyfriend, she admitted that a little boredom has crept in after so many years, but said that giving each other space made things more comfortable.

Yip also adamantly said that she did not want a joint bank account. She explained: "A woman should be independent. But we are together so of course he should also take care of me."

She also did not close the door on a comeback, but stressed that if she were to return to the screen, she wanted to play leading roles and would not consider guest-starring roles. She also added modestly: "With so many younger beauties today, how would I ever be able to compete?"

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