Fans shocked by how female K-pop idols look like in leaked ID photos

2 August 2016 / 2 months 3 weeks ago

Although pictorials and stage photos definitely showcase the beauty of female idols, they do not necessarily depict how the girls look in real life. 

According to netizens, ID photos used for school and driver’s licenses most accurately portray the true beauty of idols, as they take away the effect of lighting and heavy make up.

After seeing several female idols’ ID photos, however, netizens expressed their reactions to just how similar and different certain idols look in the pictures compared to during their promotions.

Koreaboo has compiled some of these reactions and comments:

"Choa…I don’t know if it’s makeup or she had surgery but she’s barely recognisable."

"Everyone’s so pretty but…AOA Choa and Jimin…"

"Choa is a huge shocker…"

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