Fans say Joey Yung offended the 'Tai Sue' after she sprains leg and falls from tree

17 August 2016 / 2 months 5 days ago

Singer Joey Yung was promoting her newly released album in June at the radio station and explained that she failed to do so earlier due to her hectic work schedule.

She recently sprained her leg when dancing during a Chinese reality show.

Shortly after that, she fell down from a a slippery tree during a program's chasing segment.

Fans said it could be that it could that Joey offended the 'Tai Sui' this year, reports Asian E-News Portal.

She said: "My bottom is nearly hurt as well and my thigh is badly bruised. I need to use plum blossom needle to release blood thrice."

When asked if she tried to understand the situation when her boyfriend, Wilfred Lau visited Conroy Chan at the hospital earlier, Joey said: "I am clueless at answering it when you ask me this question.

"His family members do not reveal anything and I refrain from asking. (How is Wilfred's mood?) Okay."

As Joey's mother was diagnosed with illness earlier, Joey said: "Life is very important and we must do good deeds and seek treatment on time.

(What about giving birth?) I still have some time and please do not worry about me."

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