Fans go crazy at Seo Kang Jun's S'pore fan meet: 'I am not showering tonight'

21 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Krystal Chia
The New Paper
Feb 21, 2016

Getting to hug South Korean actor Seo Kang Jun was the best birthday present Ms Xing Miao received this year.

The 20-year-old undergraduate had a chance to do just that when she was one of two fans selected to go on stage to play a game with the star.

This involved stacking Mandarin oranges as high as they could in a minute.

Ms Xing beat the other contestant, who was also a girl, but she was more concerned with her idol next to her.

She took full advantage of her privilege by shaking Seo's hand every chance she got, to the jealous screams of more than 1,000 fans.

She even got him to hug her, to even louder screams.

Said Ms Xing, whose birthday was on Feb 12: "His shoulders were so broad and he felt like a boyfriend to me at that instant."

Beaming broadly, she added: "I am not showering tonight."

Ms Xing said she became a fan after watching Seo's latest drama, Cheese in the Trap, online.

"I love his 'bad boy' image and hope he can take on more villainous roles in the future," she said.


The fan meet is Seo's first in Singapore.

Speaking through a translator, he thanked fans for their support and asked for recommendations of local dishes, eliciting shrieks of "laksa!", "chilli crab!" and "char kway teow!"

Mr Choong Jun Mao, 19, who was the lone male among the first 20 StarHub subscribers who got to take a photograph with the star, said he had liked Seo since the actor appeared in reality show Roommate in 2014, where 11 celebrities were filmed living together under the same roof.

Mr Choong, who arrived at Suntec City at 9am and was the first in line, said: "I like him for his bubbly personality and great acting skills.

"It feels so surreal that I got to meet and hug my idol."

But he wished he had had more time with the actor so that he could convey words of encouragement.

Said Mr Choong, who is waiting to be enlisted for national service: "Celebrities face a lot of harsh criticism.

"But I would tell him not to care about his haters because he has many fans like me."

This article was first published on February 20, 2016. 
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