Famous Taiwanese actor Ming Dao still helps mum sell potatoes

7 June 2016 / 4 months 3 weeks ago

Successful Taiwanese actor and model Ming Dao earns over S$21 million a year but still stays humble.

According to The Star, the hunk was spotted in Banqiao Market in New Taipei City squatting at his mother's stall and helping her sell potatotes.

He was dressed in a T-shirt, shorts and slippers, an image that conveyed that there were no airs about him.

The 36-year-old is a filial son and started helping his mother when he was in Year Five.

Since then, he has been the one supporting his family after achieving fame and success as an actor and model.

Before netizens attack him for still making his mother work, she actually stopped working after he became famous but returned to selling potatoes because she was bored at home.

Being the great guy that he is, he supported her decision and even helps out when he can.

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