Ekin Cheng 'buys' Chrissie Chau online to help him forget about his ex in new film

11 March 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Hong Kong lingerie goddess Chrissie Chau and dashing Ekin Cheng have some sizzling scenes in the upcoming film 'My iGirl'.

According to HK Top Ten, the duo has a lot of intimate scenes together, including a kiss scene.

This movie is about three best friends who got dumped by their girlfriends on the same day. Evan (played by Ekin Cheng) then comes across a website called 'Get Your Dream Girl' while he was drunk, reports FilmSmash.

He enters the criteria of his dream girl. On an impulse, he threw all his life savings into the payment.

He then receives a parcel containing parts of a human model. He assembles them together and the next day... she comes alive (in the form of Chrissie Chau).

A robot with AI intelligence, Chrissie tries to cheer Ekin up by putting her hand inside his shirt to feel up his chest. She also made out with him.

In another interview, Chrissie even revealed that she only took this movie role because of Ekin.

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