Crystal Liu gets tackled to the ground by crazed male fan at movie event in Guangzhou

21 May 2016 / 5 months 4 days ago

Crystal Liu was promoting her upcoming film,Le Paon de Nuit <夜孔雀> in Guangzhou on May 19 when she was suddenly tackled to the ground by a male fan.

According to JayneStars, she did not sustain any major injuries but was understandably shaken by the incident.

The event was an opportunity for fans to interact with Crystal so there was no press conference.

Hence, videos and news of the attack came from other fans present at the event and not the media.

A video circulating online shows the man wearing a red-checkered shirt suddenly run onto the stage and embrace Crystal.

The two then fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Other fans cried out in alarm and situation ebcame chaotic.

Staff members were able to pin down the attacker while Crystal was carried away by other staff.

The even quickly ended when police arrived on the scene to investigate.

The film's production team reported that she had a few scrapes on her arms and legs from falling onto the ground so violently but was otherwise, in good health.

They also apologised to Crystal and appealed to fans:

“We earnestly request that fans maintain reason when chasing celebrities. Use love to give back to and support your idol.”

The male fan who attacked her is said to be from Guangzi and a long-time fan of Crystal's.

He said that when he saw her on stage, he got very excited and simply wanted to make his feelings known and become her friend.

Some netizens suspect that he has tailed the actress several times.

Watch the video below.

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