Couple so fond of Taylor Swift, they etch her face onto 12-acre corn field

26 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Somebody has decided to etch Taylor Swift’s face on a 12 acre corn field in Frederick, Maryland, US. That somebody is actually a couple from Maryland, who owns a big farm, and has unusual ideas about what to do with it.

Meet Jeff and Teresa Greenwood. These two own the Summers Farm, which has an approximately 12 acre wide corn field. Apart from growing tons of corn on their property, Jeff and Teresa are also growing fond of Taylor Swift.

According to the couple, Swift is an influential role model, who does right, treats people nicely and deserves to be praised and acknowledged about it, reports Things You Didn't Know. And what better way to acknowledge somebody than to etch their face in your corn field?

And that’s exactly what Teresa and Jeff did. They spent quite some time transforming the field into a gigantic maze in the form of Swift’s face. If you look at the maze from a bird’s eye point of view, you will see Swift singing on a microphone, Swift’s name and several phrases – “Dare to be different”, “Summers Farm” and “2015”.

The Maryland farmers have decided to show the world how great Taylor really is and in the same time score some bucks out of it. In other words, they are opening up their maze to the public. Anybody, who wants to seek their way out through Swift’s face and tons of corn can do so for the tiny price of $8.

According to Jeff and Teresa, the maze can be completed for about 2 hours. It has some hidden clues and trivia questions regarding Swift personally. If the visitors choose the right answer, they will be a step closer to the maze’s end. If they choose the wrong one, they will get lost even further.

The maze will be open between the 26th of September and the 1st of November this year. Even Taylor learned about the maze and posted a picture of it on her Instagram with the witty caption “Lawn Goals”.

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