Christine Ng and Joel Chan remain estranged even after 4 years

17 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

The recent episode of Hong Kong variety television program, Sze U Tonight <今晚睇李> was full of surprises as guest star Christine Ng‘s (伍詠薇) spontaneity added to the lively atmosphere.

While playing a guessing game with fellow guest star Sharon Chan (陳敏之), which entails being given a particular phrase that only Sharon can see and trying to guess that phrase from Sharon’s gestures, Christine inadvertently yelled out, “I wish to make love!”

Although that was because the phrase Christine had to guess was “make love”, her act was hilarious when taken out of context and the clip of Christine yelling out the phrase has been making its rounds on entertainment news programs.

According to Jayne Stars, the next surprise for the audience was when the masked Game Assistant on Sze U Tonight revealed his identity to be Joel Chan ( 陳山聰)!

Joel and Christine were very close friends until sometime in 2011. At the time, Christine had wished Joel a Happy Birthday on social media.

Christine shared, "A good friend of mine called to tell me never to look for him again. I’m furious! I have already bade him farewell. This is so heartbreaking. How can your conscience let you do this?”

Christine later unfollowed Joel. It was clear that the two stopped being friends after that day.

In an interview after the incident took place, Joel explained, “That night, some friends and I were celebrating my birthday and we played a game where the loser has to prank call a good friend to break off the friendship. I thought Christine would be able to take the joke, so I called her and told her to never look for me again. Christine immediately said, ‘Okay’, and hung up.”

Joel also publicly apologized to Christine. Nevertheless, Christine has chosen to remain estranged from Joel.

Christine’s Background

Christine grew up in a poor family and and became involved with the triads when she was 14. At 18, Christine’s father passed away. Christine finally got her break in life in 1989 when she joined the Miss Asia beauty pageant and won the Most Photogenic award, subsequently debuting in ATV.

In 1990, Christine ended up marrying her first husband Yong Kwong Pui (翁江培), a wealthy senior partner of Ernst & Young. Within 13 days of the marriage, Yong Kong Pui died of a heart attack and while he had amassed assets worth approximately $22 million USD, he did not leave behind a will and so Christine only received a small share of $1.2 million USD a year later.

Subsequently, Christine’s romantic life became more simple. She dated dentist Alex Cheung (張啟順) for five years before splitting up with him. She later met her current husband, Kasey Lin (練海棠), an executive in the advertising industry, and married him within seven months of dating.

While continuing to act, Christine released albums, founded cosmetics and a skincare line.

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