Why Gigi Hadid's fans aren't happy over her Vogue China cover

24 February 2016 / 8 months 4 days ago
After Gigi Hadid posted a photo of her Vogue China cover, netizens have been flooding the comments -- but it's not because they're happy for her.
Instead, they are wondering what is up with her flawless tummy when she normally has freckles and moles on it.
In the gallery below, it is evident that moles are the supermodel's trademark and she shows them off in other publications and photos.
However, on the Vogue cover, her abs don't' have a single spot on them as she flaunts her toned tummy in a cropped sweater.
This has spurred netizens to wonder what else has been altered in the image, including her skin tone as she appears visibly fairer.
This isn't the first time altered images of celebrities have gotten attention but it is a good thing that people are voicing out to ask if the media is taking the idea of perfection too far and that if it should always come in blemish-free photos.
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