By2's Yumi reveals 'hidden reason' why she became 'skinny as a skeleton' this year

7 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Yumi of Singaporean duo By2 recently posted an Instagram photo with a caption that has sparked much speculation among netizens.

Speaking of how she would cry till she had no appetite to eat, Yumi wrote, "There's a hidden reason why I became skinny like a skeleton from this year onwards. The answer of our newest 7th album love songs which consist of three words...Guess which one?"

In By2's 7th album 'Cat and Mouse', the only two songs with three words in its title are '超勇敢' (meaning 'super brave') and '你騙我' (meaning 'you lied to me'), leading fans to believe that Yumi was referring to the latter.

In an earlier photo, she posted about how another song from the same album, '當時的我們', had reached two million views.

She had written in the caption, "感謝你的背叛 讓我寫出好歌" (meaning "Thanks to your betrayal for letting me write a good song").

Netizens speculated that being cheated on and heartbroken resulted in Yumi's weight loss.

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