Britain's Got Talent contestant asks judge to fire arrow at him -- and it all goes wrong

25 May 2016 / 5 months 2 days ago

Despite the shows name being (insert country name) Got Talent, most contestants on these shows have a glaring lack of it.

This can especially be seen in the auditions and the first few rounds.

Take this episode of Britain's Got Talent for example.

A contestant named Ben Blaque had lots of confidence in his arrows, reports UniLad.

So much that he asked judge Alesha Dixon to pull the levers that would fire the arrows at him.

However, when she pulled one of the levers, the mechanism fired off two arrows instead of one.

The arrow narrowly missed him, but he seemed to be terrified at what else could go wrong during the routine.

Thankfully, he avoided being impaled by the judge.

However, he was eliminated from the show.

Ben later explained: “The chord must have got tangled up and that would have caused two arrows to be sent off.”

Speaking about the act, Simon Cowell said:

"I think the fact that it went wrong made it better.

"I personally would not trust Alesha to pull the handle and fire an arrow at me.

"But in a strange way, by Alesha being an idiot and accidentally releasing two arrows, it made the act better."

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