Another surprise pregnancy: 36-year-old Ankie Beilke is 3 months pregnant

9 October 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

Actress-model Ankie Beilke confirmed at a recent event that she was over three months pregnant with her first child.

The father is her fashion designer boyfriend, Simon, reports Jayne Stars.

The 36-year-old actress who was briefly linked with Ruco Chan, started dating Simon about a year ago.

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She admitted that keeping the pregnancy a secret was "very hard" but was glad that she could finally share the news with everyone.

Ankie, who is of Chinese-German descent, was asked if foreigners also had the tradition of keeping quiet about pregnancy in the first three months. 

Ankie explained, “It’s like that all over the world. The first trimester is the most dangerous stage of pregnancy. Miscarriages are the most common around that time.”

Her mother, actress Ankie Lau Heung-ping added that "it's better to stay safe".

When asked if the pregnancy was accidental or planned, Ankie laughed and didn't respond.

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However her mother was not shy about the details and said:

“It is accidental, but they love children. She’s already getting old! Now is a suitable time.”

Ankie declined to reveal the gender of the baby but shared that the couple are planning to get married after she gives birth.

Her pregnancy has not affected her work though.

She said:

I love working. I love acting, drawing, and painting, so I will continue to do them.”

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