Adia Chan had suicidal thoughts when she got fired, was cheated and slept on the streets

8 June 2016 / 4 months 2 weeks ago

Adia Chan recently made a comeback to television after filming a new drama for TVB. 

The 45­-year­-old actress appeared on a Chinese variety programme. She revealed that she battled depression 10 years ago, reports Asianpopnews.

“In my most difficult year in 2015, I almost lost confidence in life. I lost almost everything overnight. I was penniless, and can barely afford to pay for my meals and put a roof over my head. I couldn’t imagine that my life would turn out this way,” said Adia.

“I had depression 10 years ago, and could only spend my days seeing doctor and taking medications. In that same year, my father passed away, and this was a big blow to me.

"I once thought of ending my life. Adia Chan almost disappeared from this world in 2006.”

Adia had a very rough life in early in her career.

In her second year in showbiz, she thought of retiring from the industry but her mother strongly objected to it.

This caused their relationship to become strained, and Adia could only depend on her manager.

In 2005, Adia was fired by her manager, and she was left with only one pile of clothes. She was cheated of her entire savings, and she had to sleep on the streets.

At the show, Adia sang Jacky Cheung’s song, Love is eternal as she wants to embrace her new life.

“After 10 years, I want this song to commemorate my earlier life. I want to have the courage to embrace my new life!”

Adia Chan
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