Actor Chris Lai bitten by snake when returning home from late-night shoot

26 October 2015 / 12 months 2 days ago

A snake reportedly bit artiste Chris Lai as he was returning home after a late night shoot.

Chris Lai recounted the pain he went through after being bitten on his Weibo account.

Due to this, Chris expressed he had to go through many treatments to remove all the venom: "I feel as though I have good luck and not bad luck". Early in the month, Chris was filming for the drama Presumed Accidents (純熟意外), and did not finish until 4am.

Unfortunately, he was bitten by a snake while heading home. He also used the term "so painful one doesn't want to live" to describe the feeling and he also said that it was very dark that morning therefore, the snake could not be found.

He later went to the hospital and took a number of blood tests. The doctor believed it was a bamboo snake that bit him. Chris said due to the bite, he had to limp for a few days, report Asian E-new Portal and ON.CC.

Chris later accepted a phone interview with ON.CC (東網) and added that: "This incident was a from a week ago. I heard news through about a snake seen in Sha Tin and I had to mention about my incident. That night I drove home and saw a snake while getting out of my car.

"It's unfortunate to see a snake when you're not filming, so immediately I went straight into emergency. The doctor would help me take blood tests every 2-3 hours. Luckily there isn't much venom from the bite and I could even work the next day, but the doctor said usually someone in this situation should stay in the hospital.

"I asked the doctor to write me a doctor's letter, in case if anything happens to me, I can call the ambulance and the people in the emergency department knows what to do.

He was asked what are the effects of the venom in his body, he said: "Any snake bites will cause the venom to travel in the bloodstream. That is why that day my foot was in so much pain and the nerves felt like it was on fire. I am currently 80-90% healed.

"It usually takes 10-15 days to be cleared of everything. Luckily it wasn't a Chinese cobra because they are a common snake and in fact, a person can die within 3 hours after being bitten."

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