Aaron Kwok uploads lovey-dovey photo -- but causes GF to become butt of jokes

7 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Monday, Dec 7, 2015

It seems forever-young Aaron Kwok is falling head over heels in love, but he and his 27-year-old model girlfriend are not feeling the love from everyone else.

The actor, who shocked the Chinese entertainment industry with his surprise relationship announcement last week, uploaded another Weibo post about his relationship on Friday afternoon.

This time around, the photo showed Kwok, 50, and Moka Fang dining together. Kwok's photo caption read: "This way, we have to eat a little slower... (do we?)".

The post was met by more jeers than cheers, as netizens made fun of the couple in the comments section.

A top comment for the post which has over 32,000 'likes' accused Fang of forcing Kwok to upload the photo. Another popular comment with close to 51,000 'likes' made fun of the couple for wearing sunglasses while eating.

Fang reposted the photo on her own Weibo page shortly after Kwok. She tagged Kwok in her post and said: "Stop being playful, hurry and eat up".

Meanwhile, Fang, who saw an increase of Weibo followers from 100,000 to over 600,000 in a just a few days, continued to be the butt of netizens' jokes on China's most popular social media site.

Fuel was added to the fire when Chinese police also used Kwok's post to warn netizens about driving while distracted.

Kwok's photo of him and Fang holding hands in a car was uploaded on Tuesday, a day before China's National Traffic Safety Day. As a result, his photo was used by Shanghai police on its Weibo page to remind drivers to concentrate while driving.

China news site Sohu also reported that Shenzhen police were investigating if the photo was taken there, causing media outlets to speculate that Kwok might soon be issued with a fine.

It seems the snide remarks made by netizens were a little too much for Fang to take.

On Sunday morning, Fang updated her social media account with a letter, saying that she sought to address some rumours being spread about her.

In the letter, Fang clarified some of the rumours, including accusations that she had deleted old posts to hide her past. She explained that she had deleted her posts as she didn't want to be misunderstood.

She added that she didn't expect to be accused of having ulterior motives. She also thanked Kwok for his support and trust, and hoped people would not believe untrue stories being spread about her.

At an event in China on Sunday, Kwok appeared to feel frustrated at the negative attention his posts have drawn.

Speaking in Mandarin, Kwok told reporters that he could not comprehend why there had been such strong reactions to the photos he posted.

He also said it was the first time he has been so open about his love life, and urged people to be kind and understanding, instead of saying malicious things to hurt others.


See the photos of Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang below.

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