Wong Cho Lam's face 'swollen like a pig' after taking advice from wife Leanne Li

3 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Artiste Wong Cho Lam has been developing his career in Mainland China in recent years. As such, he frequently has to travel to and fro Hong Kong and China.

Recently when he was travelling again, he shared photo showing a close up of his face.

According to Asian E-News Portal, his face was 'as swollen as a pig'. 

It turned out that Leanne Li had told her husband to drink wine, which according to her will help Wong sleep better.

After seeing what happened, Leanne left a message: 

"It is my mistake to teach you to drink and I will not do it next time." 

Many fans took pity on and told him to seek treatment from a doctor.

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