Will Bosco Wong be attending ex-GF Myolie Wu's wedding?

13 November 2015 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

Myolie Wu announced on her 36th birthday, November 6, that she will be marrying her boyfriend of over one year, Philip Lee, next month.

According to Jaynestars, the couple are looking at having 50 tables for their wedding banquet, which will be held at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong hotel on December 28.

The former TVB actress also said that she has already saved a spot for ex-boyfriend, Bosco Wong, to attend.

On November 10, Bosco made an appearance at the 2016 TVB Sales Presentation event to promote his upcoming drama K9 Cop  with costar Linda Chung.

While chatting with the press, the reporters asked Bosco if he thinks Myolie would invite him to her upcoming wedding.

“She better invite me!” said Bosco. “I didn’t go to her birthday party last week, but I did send her a message and wished her happy birthday. If I was in Hong Kong at the time, I would’ve gone.”

Some “Boscolie” shippers online suggested that Bosco should snatch Myolie away on her big wedding day.

Bosco laughed, “This is real life, not The Bund! I am not Hui Man-keung!”

A reporter then asked Bosco if he feels sour about going to his ex’s wedding.

Bosco wittily replied, “Do I feel sour? It really depends on what’s on the menu that night. If they’re going to serve sweet and sour ribs, then yeah, of course!” Linda laughed and said, “What a great a response!”

Bosco’s co-star Linda is said to be one of the more prolific stars next year, as she currently has three dramas awaiting for release. Linda expressed, “I wouldn’t consider it as three because I only have a few scenes in Brother’s Keeper II! But having two isn’t exactly too much. It’s an okay amount.”

Starring in three dramas, does Linda think that she has a higher chance to win TV Queen next year? “I honestly never thought about it. I am just enjoying work and doing my duty.”

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