Why Karena Ng, 23, is 'not in a hurry' to marry 36-year-old BF Raymond Lam

8 October 2016 / 7 months 2 weeks ago

Raymond Lam might be a little disappointed to hear this, but his girlfriend Karena Ng has stated that she is 'not in a hurry' to marry him. 

Jaynestars reports that actress Karena Ng and television presenter Akina Fong attended a charity event earlier this week, where they helped spread awareness of breast cancer and prevention.

Karena said she regularly examines herself, but when asked if she would provide a breast exam for her boyfriend Raymond Lam, Karena said, “I’ve given him some products. He can check himself.”

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On October 2, Raymond attended the star-studded wedding of his good friend Tavia Yeung to Him Law. Because Karena does not know Tavia, she did not attend the wedding with Raymond. However, Karena did keep up with the wedding through the news, and said the sweetest part was where Him surprised Tavia in a Rilakumma bear suit.

Asking if she would like to be surprised at her wedding, she admitted, “I haven’t thought that far. But dressing up as a character mascot is cute. I like Gudetama.” (Would you want a similar surprise?) “There’s no point of copying others. I don’t need surprises. Let’s be more original.”

Has Karena thought about marriage recently?

The actress, who is turning 23 at the end of the month, said, “I think it’s still early. There are many things I haven’t done yet. I’m still young. Too young to get married.”

Pointing out that Raymond is already 36 years old, Karena quickly said, “Boys are okay. He still has a baby face. When I introduce him to my foreigner friends, they’re all surprised at his age. As long as you have a youthful mentality, age doesn’t matter.”

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