Wallace Chung's alleged secret wife Rita Hsieh is millionaire designer

18 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Wallace Chung has been plagued by rumours about him secretly being married for years.

But recent photos from Wallace’s filming grounds in Thailand have sparked a media frenzy about his life, reports JayneStars.

Chinese tabloids are saying not only is the 41-year-old married, he also has a daughter. But Wallace’s alleged wife Rita Hsieh is more than what meets the eye.

The Taipei native was born in 1980 and tried to audition for the Taipei National University of the Arts when she was 18 but her father turned her down.

Through the recommendation of a friend, she eventually went into apparel designing, and two years later she quit her job to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.

However, Rita never graduated from FIT. Although she worked part-time at school, Rita struggled to pay her tuition fees and had to drop out after only one year into her studies.

She returned to Taiwan, where she continued to pursue a career in apparel and fashion designing. In 2007, she and her friend established the “Empress6” brand.

Through the years, Rita has worked under many famous celebrity stylists and designers. She has also worked as a commercial stylist for Jolin Tsai, Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and more.

Rita reportedly earns about $10 million RMB a year through her business. According to Taiwanese media reports, Wallace and Rita have been together for many years.

They married sometime in 2012 and purchased a house in the Xinyi District of Taipei. They soon had their daughter.

Rumors say that Rita did not want to hamper Wallace’s career because of their marriage, thus, she chose to stay silent about their relationship.

Rita has worked as Wallace’s stylist, and was one of the main style directors for his 2010 album, All Eyes On Me.

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