Vincent Wong suffers slight loss of memories due to injuries from crash on set

23 February 2016 / 8 months 2 days ago

TVB actor Vincent Wong was injured when filming a car race scene for the Fatal Resurrection series.

Asian E-News Portal reports that he said he had a slight concussion and lost some memories:

"Yesterday I had an accident when filming a car scene and lost some memories.

"I suffered some injuries on my head and face but my brain and bones were not hurt.

"I have a slight concussion and my finger nail needs stitches.

"Everything is fine other than that and I am safe!"

In the photo, Vincent wore a mask and showed an OK sign with his wife Yoyo Chen:

"I will recover quickly and continue to film Fatal Resurrection series.

"Thank you to my family and everyone for taking care of me and their concerns."

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