TWICE's Momo impressive performance even after top comes undone

14 June 2016 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

Kpop girl group TWICE's group member Momo's suffered a wardrobe malfunction while on stage on June 11, but she soldiered on with professionalism.

“OOH-AHH” for a special Sudden Attack event, and the entire incident was captured in a fancam video.

Her halter crop top came undone as she danced, even flinging around to show her undergarment. 

Thankfully for her, she had chosen a conservative black top to wear underneath, and did not risk showing her bra or worse, her breasts.

Tzuyu tried to help her tie her top up, but it became loose again. 

Momo then decided to dance with one hand behind her back and put on an impressive show despite her wardrobe malfunction. 

Fans praised her for her professionalism.

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