Tony Leung reveals Eddie Peng has steady girlfriend, may get married next year

4 July 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Tony Leung Ka Fai and Eddie Peng are starring in the much anticpated upcoming Hong Kong crime thriller Cold War 2 with an impressive cast including Aaron Kwok, Chow Yun Fat and Charlie Yeung.

At a recent promotional event for the movie, Tony and Eddie's onscreen chemisty and compatability as father and son in the film reflected offscreen as well.

According to Jayne Stars, Tony frequently referred to Eddie as "son" and even revealed that he has a steady girlfriend.

He joked that he is aware of Eddie's taste in women and boasted that he has met Eddie's past girlfriends "but I haven’t met the most recent one yet!"

Eddie laughed and played along and said:

“I actually had a lot of [girlfriends]! In the past, I told myself that I would get married at 35 years old. I’m already 34 years old, so I guess I can get married next year!"

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