Song Ji-hyo says cheating on your partner is a forgivable mistake

4 October 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

The Korea Herald / Asia News Network
Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016

Song Ji-hyo said in an interview with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan Korea that the act of having an affair is an exonerable mistake.

In the JTBC upcoming drama series "My Wife's Having an Affair This Week," Song plays a wife who cheated on her husband.

When asked what would happen if she was the one being cheated on, the 35-year-old actress, said: "A mistake wouldn't make me sever the long-term relationship with the partner."

Song added in the interview that her daily routine is very simple and boring as she stays at home all day when there is no filming planned.

More photos featuring the actress are available in the October issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.

"My Wife's Having an Affair This Week," co-starring Song and Lee Sun-kyun, is set to air on Oct. 28. 

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