Sisley Choi and Moon Lau steal limelight at Miss Hong Kong event with their 'career lines'

19 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

Former Miss Hong Kong contestants Sisley Choi and Moon Lau attended the press conference of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016.

They wore sexy clothes that revealed three inches of their 'career lines', reports Asian E-News Portal.

When asked about her sexy attire, Sisley said: "Today is the press conference of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016 and I need to look glamorous.

"(Fitter than before?) Nope. Deep inside, I am a fat girl and it has been a long time since I exercised. I will breathe deeply when walking and dare not jog again with Tony Hung now. Haha."

Asking if she will add in marks for her sexy clothes, Moon said: "Nope. It is an important occasion and girls with confidence look most beautiful. I hope more people will participate in the contest if we wear nice clothes."

Sisley said: "Sexy and beautiful should be said separately. Pretty is pretty and ugly is ugly. I always say I am Leon Lai's successor."

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