Poor thing: Here's why you won't be seeing Lee Da Hee in short skirts for now

17 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Actress Lee Da Hee is hard at work filming for her drama 'Mrs. Cop'. And we mean really, really hard at work.

She revealed some photos of her bruised legs on her Instagram, with a caption that read,"Min Do Young who dreams of action. There is never a day that my legs are okay. For the time being, I won't be wearing skirts.

"But if I do happen to wear one and you see my legs like this, don't misunderstand! A new bruise comes before an old bruise fades, but even then, doing action [scenes] is strangely addicting! Time is going so fast, only two more weeks left for 'Mrs. Cop'."

It sounds like she's wearing those bruises like a badge of honor from trying out action scenes first hand, reports allkpop.

We applaud her efforts and dedication to her role. Make sure to catch her in 'Mrs. Cop' before the finale is here!

See photos of her bruises below.

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