Ouch: Stefanie Sun's husband makes snide remark about Sun Ho on Facebook

22 October 2015 / 1 year 1 day ago

Stefanie Sun's husband, Nadim van der Ros, recently compared his singer wife to co-founder of City Harvest Church, Sun Ho.

Earlier today (Oct 21), he shared a BBC article about the City Harvest Church scandal on Facebook, in which he set the record straight that Stefanie Sun and Sun Ho are two different people.

Singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun Yanzi is one of Singapore's most successful artistes, while Sun Ho Yeow Sun, who also has a singing career, is the wife of City Harvest Church founder, Kong Hee.

Nadim wrote, "And the BBC wades in on the discussion on City Harvest. Just for the record and for my non-Chinese friends, this Sun Ho is neither a relation nor should be confused with my wife, Stefanie Sun or Sun Yanzi. My wife is a touch more successful in her singing career, infinitely more talented and beautiful, both inside and out."

Ouch! See his post in the gallery below.

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