Niki Chow embarrassed after French man kneels down to give her diamond ring

11 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

On Feb 3, Niki Chow wore a white dress to attend the opening ceremony for a jewellery store, for which she is the spokesperson.

The organisation's committee arranged for a French man to kneel down with a six carat diamond ring worth five million, report Asian E-News Portal and Oriental Daily (HK)

When asked if the organisation committee really gave her a six carat diamond ring, Niki said:

"I do not think so and they will deduct from my fees for giving it to me."

Reporters then asked her is a six carat diamond ring was unnecessary for marriage proposal, to which she cheekily said yes.

When asked if she would marry regardless of any rings, she said, "Not really and it must be symbolic."

She was questioned if there was no need to kneel with the ring, but she responded by saying the ring is required and it must have some traditional symbols but sincerity is most important.

"It is most essential to love that person and big or small diamond ring does not matter. It is also unnecessarily to kneel down and I have not tried it before." 

When asked if she felt embarrassed when the French man kneeled down, she said,"Yes. Anyway, it is a form of blessings and wish the luck will happen to me soon."

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