Netizens poke fun at Jay Chou after ex-GF Patty Hou posts loving photo with husband

20 April 2016 / 6 months 1 week ago

Patty Hou celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband Ken Huang two days ago.

She posted a loving photo of them together on her Facebook page and wrote: "I want to say this to you again. Thank you for marrying me! Happy anniversary!"

However, some netizens took the opportunity to make fun of Patty's famous ex-boyfriend, Jay Chou and said: "You should thank Jay Chou for not marrying you!"

Patty and Jay's relationship was made public in 2005 when they were photographed travelling in Tokyo together. At the time, there were rumours of a love triangle between Jay, Patty and Jolin Tsai.

Patty and her husband Ken got married in 2011 and had a son last year.

She has praised her husband openly on numerous occasions, reports.

She said in an earlier interview: "My character is more straight, and he has an 'It's okay' character.

"If he is not able to find a parking lot or unable to make it on time for a movie, he will say 'it's okay'. Even if I can't find my clothes, he will say, 'it's okay. You can wear that first. That piece is beautiful too.'"

See their photo together in the gallery below.

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