Netizens flood Leonardo DiCaprio with memes to welcome him to Weibo

9 October 2016 / 7 months 2 weeks ago

Leonardo DiCaprio opened an official Sina Weibo account on Oct 8 and his fans welcomed him in the best way they knew how...

With thousands of memes.

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According to China Daily via AsiaOne, the actor has a wide fan base in China, so it was no surprise when they flooded his account to welcome him.

One Weibo user wrote:

"I heard you opened a Weibo account and I rushed here to take a look. Do you now feel the fire-hot passion of your Chinese fans?"

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In just one night, his first post was re-posted over 135,000 times with roughly 147,000 comments and half a million likes.

Check out some of the memes in the gallery below.

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