Man falls for marriage scam -- but executes most ruthless revenge plan

20 November 2015 / 11 months 1 week ago

A man got the perfect revenge after falling for a marriage trap set by a woman he thought he loved.

AcidCow shared a man's journey to revenge after his fiance broke their engagement as part of a scheme to milk him of all he had.

They had been happy and had all they needed: A house, stable jobs and even a baby on the way.

Things went downhill when she called him 28 days before their wedding to announce that there would be no wedding and that she would not be coming home.

At first the guy was confused, but it soon turned to rage when he found out he had been the third of her victims to fall for her trap of pretending to be pregnant and having a 'miscarriage' before milking guys of all they had and running to her grandma's house.

He then proceeded to carry out a revenge master plan that left the woman embarrassed and facing financial distress.

He says he is now happily married with a beautiful daughter while his ex-fiance is a felon, jobless and a single mother living with her brother and his girlfriend.

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