Lynn Hung hints that ex-BF Aaron Kwok is not mature

13 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Lynn Hung recently attended a press conference, where she was asked to comment on her ex-boyfriend Aaron Kwok's relationship with 27-year-old model Moka Fang.

She was asked if her recent photos with her boyfriend were posted as retaliation to Aaron's photos with Moka.

Lynn denied this, and said everyone was allowed to post their own photos on their own social media accounts.

Asianpopnews reports that she said about her current relationship: 

"It's very comfortable. There is no worry that you will do the wrong things or speak the wrong words. It's very comfortable to date like a normal person."

When asked if her previous relationship did not give her a sense of security:

"In my last few relationships, I was too young. Fate and personality played a part. My current boyfriend is very mature."

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