Lisa Chong says BF Mat Yeung is harassed by his female junior from school

2 July 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Actor Mat Yeung was promoting Casino Heroes series recently.

When asked about his girlfriend Lisa Chong revealing online that he was harassed by a girl, he replied that the girl was his junior and it had been several years, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Asking if it was a one-sided love, Mat said: "I have no idea. I always block her whenever she calls but she changes her phone number frequently.

(Details?) "It is confusing. I always cut her line whenever hearing her voice and will not answer the call if it does not show the number, but have no intention to change number yet." 

(Ask one classmate to persuade her?) "Nope. Hopefully it will stop."

When asked if he had any relationship with his junior, Mat said: "Nope.

(What is her motive?) "She wants to chat only. I chatted with her before but stopped it after finding it fishy.

(She scolds your girlfriend as well?) "Nope. Lisa does not carry her mobile when we are together.

(Any solution?) "I am a reactive person and it is bad if involving Lisa.

(Make her happy?) "She is a understanding person who trusts me."

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