Koni Lui enjoying her enhanced chest size -- but thinks it's 'too outstanding'

11 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

Artiste Koni Lui (呂慧儀) accepted an interview from a radio station and revealed that she has been feeding breast milk to her son.

When it was mentioned that her chest size had increased, Koni laughed and said: "Feeding breast milk is temporary and I will regain my old body figure after that. Thus, I am enjoying it now but it is hard to carry when wearing a top as it is too outstanding!"

Talking about her son's feelings upon growing up, Koni disclosed thar she will wear sexy outfits depending on the occasion, but felt that sexy clothes did not equate to negative reviews.

However, some people might not understand the reason, reports Asian E-News Portal.

She said: "Perhaps I will wear slightly sexy clothes during big occasions."

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