Kardashians, Bieber and more: Chef Wolfgang Puck dishes dirt on celebs to S'pore DJs

15 March 2016 / 7 months 2 weeks ago

Jennifer Dhanaraj
The New Paper
Mar 12, 2016

To call him a celebrity chef is to downplay his status, for Wolfgang Puck is arguably the celebrity chef.

Not only does he have the restaurants and TV shows, he has also catered for many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian's wedding to now ex-husband Kris Humphries.

Yesterday, he stopped by ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show studio to talk food secrets and celebrity encounters with hosts The Flying Dutchman, Glenn Ong and Andre Hoeden.

Puck's restaurants Cut and Spago are located around the world - from Beverly Hills and Maui to London and Dubai - and of course, Singapore.

The chef was in town for the opening of Spago, his second restaurant here. It is located at the Marina Bay Sands.

All his outlets have seen their fair share of celebrities. He has also catered the food at the official post-Oscars party - the Governors Ball - for the past 22 years, so he is well-placed to know all the celebrity secrets and gossip.

And when asked about his encounters, he was more than willing to spill.


INFAMOUS: (From right) Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.  Photo: Reuters

Part of one of the most infamous families in the world, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob, loved going to Puck's restaurant when they were children.

Puck said: "They were so little that they weren't even tall enough to reach the kitchen counter."

But even back then, there were diva-like demands as they would order something not on the menu: Mickey Mouse-shaped pizzas.

"I remember them just running into the kitchen screaming, 'I want a Mickey Mouse Pizza!' I probably saw them more than their parents," he said.

When asked who the naughtiest Kardashian was, he said he could not pick because they "were always smiling".

He cheekily added: "They were a lot more well-behaved then as opposed to now."

Their wealth has also increased considerably - and Puck has noticed.

He joked: "Years later, Kim came to our restaurant as an adult. And she arrived in a Bentley.

"I was thinking that something wasn't right. I was still driving a Cadillac Station Wagon and she's driving a luxury car."


Photo: AFP

After his Oscar-winning turn in The Revenant, everyone can probably recognise a heavily-bearded Leonardo DiCaprio.

Well, Puck did not manage to. Although admittedly, it was before the movie was filmed.

Both of them belong to the same Hollywood tennis club, and when a bearded man came up to say hi, Puck had no clue who he was.

He only noticed the women around the bewhiskered bloke, which proved infuriatingly confusing.

Puck exclaimed: "I play with my coach and he plays with three beautiful models?"

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Photo: The Straits Times

One of the first celebrities Puck cooked for was legendary film director Orson Welles in the late 80s.

Back then, Puck was a chef at Ma Maison in Los Angeles, and Welles was a man of considerable size who clearly enjoyed his food.

Welles would come in every day for lunch and ask Puck: "What are you going to cook for me?"

Puck said: "I would end up cooking just for him. He used to open a bottle of champagne. He liked the same champagne as me, so I would reassure my boss, 'It's for Orson. He has to drink before he eats.'"


Photo: AFP

The polarising pop star has not always had the best reputation.

Thankfully, none of that bratty behaviour was apparent during his visits to Puck's restaurant.

"He did not throw eggs around the restaurant or do the things that he's infamous for," said Puck with a laugh.

Recounting Bieber's first visit, Puck said: "He didn't know who I was."

Bieber's friend was quick to admonish him: "Don't you know, you idiot? That is Wolfgang Puck!"

"Bieber then ran to the kitchen and asked for a selfie with me," said Puck.

As for the singer's favourite dishes?

"He loves to eat. And he especially loves the Kobe steak and my pasta with truffles," Puck said.

When asked what Bieber was really like, Puck said: "He's a very nice kid."


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