Kabby Hui sees floating shadow and door opening in 'spooky incident' at Beijing hotel

5 October 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Kabby Hui was spooked after encountering a weird incident at a hotel in Beijing.

According to Asian E-News Portal, Jessica Kan and Kabby Hui were present at Halloween event and when asked if they encountered any spooky incident.

Jessica replied no, but she did not like haunted themed houses:

"Played it once and I felt like leaving after playing 10 seconds but it is impossible to leave halfway so I must carry on playing it. I am frightened easily."

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Kabby disclosed she encountered weird incident in the hotel at Beijing previously: "I was filming a series with Elanne Kong and Mainland China artiste in Beijing previously.

"I heard somebody knocking on my door when sleeping in the room and it sounded like room service. A shadow floated in thereafter and I tried to open my eyes.

"I assumed it was a dream when waking up but it was too realistic.

"I noticed the door was opened slightly and it was my first spooky experience."

When asked if they will find boyfriend to protect them, both said: "We protect each other."

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