Jolin Tsai once viewed ex-BF as enemy

27 May 2016 / 4 months 4 weeks ago

Recently, Jolin Tsai conducted a lecture and discussed about her work and her past relationship.

According to Asian Pop News, when recalling about her past love, Jolin pondered for a while and said:

“There are many stages after you breakup. At first, you complain and feel that you are not good enough. You would also try to find out the reason.

"After breaking up, you treat each other as enemies. Actually, time would heal everything.

"When I look back at myself now, I realise it’s not that serious after all.

"The failure of a relationship doesn’t mean your life is a failure.”

Asked how she walked out from her breakup, she smiled and said that time would heal the wound. She is also grateful to have that experience to make her stronger.

She said, “Even if you cannot become someone else’s princess, you can be a queen in your own world.”

The 35-year-old diva also said that in this new era, marriage is just a choice, and there is no right and wrong whether to get married or not.

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