G.E.M Tang says she's 'tired as a dog' -- and she's not wrong either

14 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

A few days ago, singer G.E.M. Tang (鄧紫棋) went for horse-riding but fell down.

She shared her selfie on the internet so as to announce her safety and said that she becamr braver after falling down, reports Asian E-News Portal.

This time, G.E.M. put in lots of effort and her back became wet after riding: "The coach finally let go but I am as tired as a dog."

On Weibo, G.EM. left a message: "I become more brave after falling down. 4 main points: The coach finally let go, I am as tired as a dog, it is a rhyme and is it after swimming on the left?"

Judging from the haggard photos of her below, she's right about being as tired as a dog.

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