Gaile Lok will not bring her boyfriend to support ex-BF Leon Lai's concert

30 March 2016 / 6 months 3 weeks ago

Gaile Lok recently attended a wine party.

When asked about her ex-husband Leon Lai's upcoming concert and if she will show support for him, Gaile Lok said:

"No idea right now but I'm happy for him. Hope his concert is successful and it seems he does not hold concert for a long time.

Asian E-News Portal reports that when asked if she would bring her boyfriend to show support, she said, "nope". 

Gaile explained that it was not embarrassment and hoped to separate work and personal time.

She said: "I will also not attend any events with my boyfriend."

This year on New Year's Day, she announced she was dating.

Gaile uploaded a photo of herself and her boyfriend hugging sweetly on Instagram.

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