Fans notice By2's noses after they post video in S'pore: 'Sharp until can pierce through camera'

15 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

Twin sisters of Mandopop duo By2 recently returned to Singapore for a gathering with their old schoolmates.

According to Viral Cham, they were so excited to be back here that they took out their mobile phones and started filming a livestream video of themselves to share their happiness with fans.

They dazzled netizens with their sizzling outfits and strong vocals in the video. However, what really caused a stir was how the two sisters appeared to have unusually sharp noses.

Someone had even zoomed in on Miko's nose and said it looked so scary that it caused people to 'stop breathing' as well as how it was 'sharp until it was about to pierce through the camera'.

This observation only served to fuel plastic surgery rumours -- which By2 have always been shrouded in over the years -- further.

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