Elva Ni says her entire body is aching after learning Muay Thai

2 July 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Model Elva Ni  attended a brand event and was asked about learning Muay Thai.

Asian E-News Portal reports that she said: "An instructor will be teaching me and my body is aching after the lesson. It is less painful when I am doing yoga.

"I need to travel to Korea on the following day and attend yoga workshop after that. It is less painful after that."

When asked if she will learn self-defence skills, Elva replied it was good especially when travelling in overseas.

"I went to France before and my stuff was stolen in the hotel. Someone took one or two currency notes when I placed it in the drawer and I saw a robbery in the street as well."

When asked about moving houses six times in Hong Kong for six years, Elva sighed and said: "Yes as there is leaking water situation previously. Thus, I need to look for a place urgently."

Elva Ni
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