'Dubai sugar daddy' exposes how Instagram model will do anything for money

27 November 2015 / 11 months 1 day ago

It turns out that not every hot person you see on Instagram may be the model or fitness guru they claim to be.

According to Next Shark, these could be just escorts who are posing as famous Instagrammers and using the social media platform to get clients.

Tag the Sponsor is a website whose goal is to expose such 'models' on Instagram who might work at a fast food restaurant but can somehow afford to take private jets on tropical vacations all around the world.

Using names like Abdullah and Mohammed and real Instagram accounts that suggest they are Arab sheikhs, the guys start by leaving comments on suspected escort Instagram accounts and receive messages from the more proactive models.

When a dialogue starts, they see just how far the women are willing to take it.

One conversation in particular has gone viral online recently, with a user by the name of Angela Vargas apparently getting trolled by another guy.

She was even asked to write and hold up a seemingly nonsensical sign -- which she gladly did, leading to numerous 'Binfakin Hummus' jokes online.

Some have questioned the authenticity of the screenshots, however, and said that the model could actually be another man trying to scam rich tycoons for money.

Angela Vargas' Instagram account no longer seems to exist. In its place is a profile about... you guessed it: 'Binfakin Hummus.

Photos 1 to 14 show the conversation while the rest show other bizarre texts.

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