Depression, eating disorder and more: Grace Wong's difficult rise to fame

24 August 2016 / 2 months 4 days ago

Grace Wong recently shot to popularity after starring as Fa Man in A Fist Within Four Walls, but her road did not come easy.

According to Asian Pop News, Grace revealed her naked back in a scene, and even put on a sexy dance in a recent episode of the drama.

Many fans were perplexed, “Why is she only raising to fame now?”

It turns out that Grace has a rough path in her acting career.

Grace was the first runner-up at the Miss Hong Kong 2007 beauty pageant. Although Grace comes from a rich family in the United States, she decided to develop her acting career in Hong Kong.

She started receiving only HK$10,000 monthly salary from her Miss Hong Kong contract, but her monthly rental fee was already HK$12,000!

Grace said, “I really thought of sleeping on the street!”


Entering the showbiz for 9 years, Grace has her ups and downs, and has thought of giving up.

She said, “Someone once said that my acting was exaggerating. I thought of returning to the States at that time, but I could not leave since I had signed the contract. As such, I suffered from depression and eating disorder.”

It was fortunate that Grace’s friends Candice Chiu and Janet Chow brought her to a church, and she regained her confidence. She also met a church friend whom became her godmother.

“She took me in when I was at my most difficult time. She gave me a roof over my head, and solved all my financial difficulties.”

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