Delivery man gets punishment for sending customer rude texts after she receives free pizza

20 November 2015 / 11 months 1 week ago

A delivery man was fired after he sent a series of angry texts to a woman who got a pizza for free -- because he late.

According to a report in TheChive, 20-year old Nadisha Mendes ordered a pizza just before midnight, and was told that it would arrive at their condo by 12.37am, or it would be free.

By 12.40am, it hadn’t arrived so she called customer service to find out what had happened. Her intention wasn’t to con anyone into free pizza, she was ready to pay for it.

While on the phone with customer service, who had told her it would be free, there was a knock.

There was the driver with a payment machine, expecting to be paid. She put him on the phone with customer service and he just shoved the pizza at her, and walked away, without a word.

He then sent her a series of hateful texts and even made jabs at her weight by saying: “Maybe you shouldn’t really be eating such a big pizza all by yourself this late at night even if it’s free. You look like you could lose a few pounds too”. Nadisha wasn’t fazed by his texts and responded graciously.

Check out what else the rude delivery man told Nadisha in the gallery below.

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