Christine Kuo wants to be full-time racecar driver despite injuries

29 November 2015 / 10 months 4 weeks ago

Currently on a hiatus as an actress, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) has no plans to return to her acting career anytime soon.

In fact, she is more interested in becoming a full-time racecar driver, reports Jayne Stars. After taking lessons in Macau, she has developed passion for the exciting activity and hopes to continue despite suffering from injuries.

Christine was unable to participate in the final racecar competition in Macau due to a problem with her vehicle, and her foot was also bruised from practice.

She expressed, “I’m a bit unhappy about having to back out of the competition, but I should look at things both ways. I might have gotten into an accident if I participated, and at least I have my life right now. I hope to join in the next race and represent Hong Kong one day!”

Christine also revealed that her body is still not ready to film any dramas at the moment, but she will be shooting a racecar variety show soon.

When asked if she hopes to meet a racecar driver boyfriend, Christine replied, “That’s quite difficult, because everyone is wearing a helmet. I won’t even know what they look like! Likewise, I’m also always wearing a helmet.”

In the meantime, her top priorities are to take care of her health and improve her racecar driving skills.

Speaking of King Kong Lee’s (金剛) recent involvement in the shooting incident at a nightclub in Beijing, Christine expressed, “I know he said it had nothing to do with him. I’m glad that he is okay!”

In terms of Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) recall of a frightening encounter of being chased by men with weapons back in 2005, Christine remarked that she now takes more caution when it comes to hanging out at night.

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