Chinese website accuses Ella Chen of being transgender

9 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

A Chinese website recently said that S.H.E’s Ella Chen is a transgender woman, and that she has two reproductive organs since young.

Ella responded to these rumours on her Facebook by saying, “The issue is getting more and more exaggerated. I have to clarify! I, Ella Chen, am not a transgender person.

"I promise not to crack on any transgender jokes on myself again!” She also said, “It’s so ridiculous! Don’t accuse me of being a transgender just because of my character and my dress sense.”

Asianpopnews reports that Selina and Hebe also denied the rumours. They said, “She has menses cramps every month. This can’t be fake.”

Ella’s recording label HIM International Music made an official statement, and said that they would take any legal action for any fabricated reports.

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