Charlene Choi purchases luxurious home which costs a cool $40 million HKD

28 October 2015 / 12 months 2 days ago

Charlene Choi recently bought a luxurious home for $40 million HKD, located at Redhill Peninsula in the Southern region of Hong Kong Island.

Charlene shared that her mother organized the transactions and she is still unsure about whether she would move into her new home or use it for investment.

Fellow Twins member Gillian, who was recently with Charlene at a function, said her mother also manages her finances and investments.

When asked if she gives all her salary to her mother, Gillian said it is directly transferred into her account, report Jayne Stars and ON.CC.

Charlene laughed and added, “A lot of people call me a miser, but it’s because I give my mom all my money!”

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